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Flagship Projects

Below are some of our more notable projects. Theses are only a few of the hundreds of projects we have completed over the years! 

Private Pond Construction

In the spring of 2023 we completed a large 1 acre pond excavation and land development for a customer in Delaware, OH. We excavated all of the material, built embankments, landscaping mounds, and restored the site with seed and straw. 

America's Home Place

Since we have started our business we have developed an excellent relationship with America's Home Place. They build custom homes and we do a lot of their utility work, grading, and driveways. If you see their signs around we are probably close by! 

Private Pond in Shelby, OH

This specific project is a perfect example of what Brady Excavation brings to the table. We took this homeowners problem with a lawn that was so wet it could not be maintained and turned it into a useful, beautiful, and positive investment. We helped them through the design process, permitting, construction, and restoring all areas we disturbed. Start to finish on the excavation on this project was just under one week. 

Delaware County Fire and Police Station

During the summer of 2022 we worked together with a general contractor in Delaware, OH to install a building pad and excavate for the building footings for a new tri-county fire station.

Revitalizing Existing Ponds

If you already have an existing pond that is overgrown, full of mud, or want to make it larger we have a solution for you. All of these photos are examples of ponds where we have added a multitude of items. Some of these include - fixed leaks, added rock, dredged out mud, and expanded. This has resulted in a brand new revitalized property and appearance!